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Quick advice to help you heal, live, & thrive

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Episode 1 - "WE'RE NOT OUTSIDE"

People who understand their purpose know the importance of living a life filled with balance. Today's work culture is driven by a restless spirit. Be mindful of when you need to stay home rest and invest in your vision.

Episode 3 - "Keep Going"

Keep going. On the days you feel stuck or when your past is tugs on your heart - remember to keep going. Maybe you're like me right now and experiencing some success but also not where you want to be; that's ok. Just keep going. Trust the process and keep your faith in God's plan and timing.


On June 21, 2023, I wrote down everything I was hearing God say about many of us experiencing a spiritual awakening. Buzzwords like mental health, trauma, and narcissism are so prevalent because we are being exposed to generational ties, different forms of bondage, and pain patterns. If you have a desire to get closer to God, the time is NOW! It's time to let go of what no longer serves you.

Radio Interview - August 2023

Radio interview with Dr. Rhonda Shaw on 94.7 FM, or you can stream live @ WOJG.COM. Discussing what it means to be broken on purpose and how our pain can lead us to our purpose.

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