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Broken on Purpose

Victoria Marshall believes that our creative gifts can heal and nurture the inner child within us all. She is the author of Broken on Purpose: Relationship Edition.


Broken on Purpose is more than a book title. It is a belief and principle for people to be guided by throughout life. Broken on Purpose is about embracing the broken parts of our lives and understanding that God has a purpose for us regardless of what has happened. As we embrace our brokenness, we leave no room for guilt and shame to write our story.

Victoria is passionate about helping others live a life beyond their brokenness. With a background in social work, Christian coaching, and leadership, she helps people understand how our lives—from birth to adulthood—are filled with experiences that shape who we are and how these experiences can impact our ability to live life to the fullest. She is dedicated to seeing people turn their pain into purpose. 

Victoria earned a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Social Work in 2012 from Oral Roberts University. In 2017, she graduated from Regent University with a Master of Arts in organizational leadership. Victoria currently lives in Chicago with her daughter Selah and enjoys painting, writing poetry, and gardening. 


Her newest book, Broken on Purpose: Relationship Edition released in June 2023. 

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