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Inner Healing Coaching

Inner healing is a deeply personal and transformative journey that empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, heal from emotional pain, and live more authentically and joyfully.

What does inner healing entail?

Inner healing refers to the process of addressing and resolving emotional wounds, negative past experiences, and inner conflicts that may be holding an individual back from experiencing wholeness, peace, and well-being. It involves acknowledging and working through past hurts, negative beliefs, and unresolved emotions to achieve emotional, mental, and spiritual healing so that a person can become who God has called them to be.


Scope of Practice, Approach, & Methodology

As an inner healing coach I specialize in spiritual growth, relationship healing, healing from shame and guilt, and helping people discover their purpose. Coaching is one-on-one. My coaching style is a combination of approaches including talking, guided visualization, and mindfulness practices.

Session Length: 45-50 minutes


Client Empowerment 

The role of an inner healing coach is to guide and facilitate the client's healing journey. While coaches can provide support and tools, the client is ultimately responsible for their own healing process.


Feedback, Progress Tracking & Confidentiality

We track progress through regular check-ins, goal setting, and evaluation of outcomes. 

All discussions and personal information shared during sessions are held in strict confidence, safeguarded against disclosure without your explicit consent, except where required by law.

Confidentiality Terms & Conditions

Ready to begin your healing journey? Book a free consultation today.

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