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People Pleasing 

People pleasing usually begins in our childhood when we are seeking validation and/or to have our needs met. People pleasers are typically kind, thoughtful people, put the needs of others before their own, have difficulty saying no, and lack boundaries. 

Get in Touch with Your Inner child

Getting in touch with your inner child wound simply means you become childlike again. We explore. We imagine. 

Self-Expression - Struggling to Speak Your Truth

Do you struggle to speak your truth or to verbally express yourself? A few signs of someone who struggles to speak their truth include: teeth grinding or jaw clenching, low tone of voice, bowed head, avoiding eye contact or hunched shoulders. The good thing is we can change these habits with self-expression and learning to speak our truth regardless of how other people may feel. 

Radio Interview - August 2023

Radio interview with Dr. Rhonda Shaw on 94.7 FM, or you can stream live @ WOJG.COM. Discussing what it means to be broken on purpose and how our pain can lead us to our purpose.

Don't Sabotage This

We often self-sabotage because things seem too good to be true, but don't do it this time! 

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