Broken On Purpose was created to help women improve their quality of life after devastating situations. Our mission is to offer assistance and resources as women reclaim their strength and purpose when they need it most. We believe that when the right steps are taken to heal you can truly live your best life and learn to thrive instead of just survive. 


Victoria lives to inspire others to be whole and healed. She is a mental health advocate and enjoys helping people learn about the importance of self-love and healing. ​She is the founder of Broken on Purpose which strives to remind people that their broken seasons have not happened by accident. 


Victoria helps people unveil the unhealed traumas, poor boundaries, and bad habits that may have created the broken parts of their lives. Spending part of her life in foster care and being blessed with amazing adoptive parents, Victoria understands how our early life experiences can impact our lives as adults. Utilizing her faith, background in Social Work, and Leadership; Victoria teaches people to use holistic and spiritual strategies to win the victory in every battle that life throws at them. 

Victoria genuinely wants others to experience the peace and strength that she found in one of the most broken seasons of her life. Victoria declares that she is a conqueror, and a vessel chosen to reach the broken. She is the author of Broken on Purpose which shares many parts of her life story and the strategies she used to heal and overcome one of the toughest seasons of her life. 

Victoria currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her daughter Selah. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, a Bachelors in Science, and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership. She is a firm believer that right after God, you should start your day with a cup of coffee or maybe even three. 

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