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Who is Victoria Marshall...

Updated: Mar 8

Victoria Marshall

In 2023 I spent the entire year healing my mind, body, and soul in ways that I have never done before. During these twelve months, I learned what it means to come back into my body. 

As a Christian, what I found is that after attending church services, praying, going through deliverance, attending conferences, watching Bible study, fasting, and saying affirmations - I still struggled to feel completely healed. What the church would call spiritual warfare, a soul tie, or an attack on my mind; I found to be a dysregulated nervous system and the lingering effects of what happens when trauma is not processed and released properly.

I’m not implying those aspects of Christianity do not exist but I do believe the church has a lot to learn about the incorporation of both spiritual and holistic healing. For many people, trauma does not end at the altar of a church because trauma is not what happens to you - it is what happens inside of you. Trauma leaves an imprint on our nervous system.

Like so many people, my dysregulated nervous system not only subconsciously impacted my relationship choices but I struggled to maintain healthy relationships, feel and express certain emotions, and have a sense of identity. 

My name is Victoria Marshall and I grew up in church my entire life. For at least the last 25 years I’ve lived life outside of my body. The levels of my dissociation have fluctuated from extreme detachment such as forgetting traumatic situations until they are brought to my attention or just brain fog but the state of it has been consistent. 

I can remember being as young as 5 years old feeling like I was looking at myself outside of my body. As a teenager, I would ask my friends if they felt like it was weird to be a human. I was detached from reality - not understanding that all of these feelings were symptoms of dissociation and a dysregulated nervous system.

Dissociation is a defense mechanism that our mind uses to protect us from distress and trauma. I do not say that I struggle with dissociation because I am grateful that my body can subconsciously enter into a state of protection without fully losing my mind.

I recognize that healing is a lifelong journey. I am passionate about demystifying the world of holistic healing. and incorporating holistic healing practices into spaces where religion would tell me it does not belong. If you find yourself still feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally bound after giving your all to God I want to encourage you that you’re probably not possessed or in warfare. If we’re constantly warring then when are we healing? 

If you've invited God in to begin the work but still feel incomplete then you most likely need to release trauma stored in your body and regain a new identity outside of shame. Broken on Purpose is here to help people become unbound and walk into their true purpose.

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